PressIt Sprayfix

PressIt Products

PressIt® Spray Fix
Fixative spray for application to DVD & CD Printable media, inkjet prints, laser prints, photographs and any other material where a protective, long lasting additional layer of protection is required. Compatible with all printable optical media and paper types.

Available in both 400ml and 150ml cans.

PressIt® CD & DVD Products
Create and print stunning CD labels and packaging on your home computer. We also cater for 8cm Mini CD labels, CD Wallets, Label and Wallet sets, DVD Case inserts and much, much more. Pressit® is the original CD labelling kit …..and still the best! The perfect way to create a modern, professional impression

PressIt® eBusiness Card Products
Create and design eBusiness Cards on your home computer. Ideal for catalogues, videos, websites, presentations, pricelists, product info and more. 35Mb Cards fit inside wallets and card holder. Can be recorded using a CD recorder. Multimedia presentation software to create your eBusiness Card content. The perfect way to create a modern, professional impression.

PressIt® Accessories
Cleaning kits, writing pens and more…

PressIt® for other Media
The perfect way to organize your collections. VHS, Zip™, Jaz, Audio Cassette, MiniDisc and Floppy Disc labels. The perfect way to create a modern, professional impression. Free exPressIt software downloadable.

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